Are Injection Molds On The Chinese Tariff List

Yes, injection molds from China are subject to tariffs imposed by the U.S. government. These tariffs were initially implemented during the Trump administration in July 2018, with a 25% tariff on Chinese imports including injection molds. Although there was a brief exemption period, the tariffs were reinstated in 2019 and have been maintained under the Biden administration​ (American Mold Builder)​​ (Thogus)​.

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) has been a strong advocate for keeping these tariffs in place, arguing that they are essential for supporting domestic manufacturers and ensuring economic and national security​ (American Mold Builder)​. The tariffs are intended to protect U.S. mold makers by making Chinese molds less competitively priced, thereby encouraging companies to source domestically​ (Thogus)​.

For more detailed information on the current status of these tariffs, you can refer to resources from the American Mold Builders Association and industry news sites such as Plastics News and Thogus​ (American Mold Builder)​​ (Thogus)​.

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